The Crossover

Josh and his twin brother, JB, are inseparable, on and off the court. With the support of their father, a famous basketball player, they're poised to have a great season, maybe even win the championship for their junior high. Then things start to change. JB starts to spend more time with girls than with Josh, their dad is hiding a health issue that could change all of their lives, and Josh begins to lose his way. One big mistake, and he's suspended from the team, estranged from his brother, and wondering how much time he has left with the brightest star in his world: his father.


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This novel in verse tells the story of Nick, who has on his mind what every middle school soccer lover does: soccer, playing soccer video games, avoiding school assignments, and more soccer. Just as his plans for a fantastic soccer season are getting started, he learns his parents are getting a divorce. Navigating middle school gets even harder when Nick's bullies come back to school, his best friend has to play on another team, and his favorite rapping librarian keeps trying to get him to read all kinds of dumb books. Will Nick ever get his plan to become a world soccer star back on track?


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The Playbook

THE PLAYBOOK: 52 RULES TO AIM, SHOOT, AND SCORE IN THIS GAME CALLED LIFE, by prolific author and poet Kwame Alexander, intersperses stories of athletes he admires and his experiences as a budding tennis player with 52 rules to live by based on lessons learned by playing sports. Each rule is accompanied by a complementary quote from a famous athlete or public figure, such as Mia Hamm, Derek JeterSimone Biles, or Kobe Bryant, to name but a few. The quotes are mostly truisms such as "Champions behave like champions before they are champions" (Hall of Fame football coach Bill Walsh) and "A surplus of effort could overcome a deficit of confidence" (U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor). Divided into four "quarters" of 13 rules each, the book uses the structure of an extended basketball metaphor to offer advice and wisdom to young people.



In SOLO, Blade Morrison has one parent who is dead, another who's a rock legend and legendary screw up, a girlfriend who has to keep their relationship secret, and a sister who straddles the line between super annoying and somewhat supportive. He lives under the Morrison family cloud of fame, excess, and celebrity that shelters and imprisons him. There's also a big family secret looming that will rock his world -- and not in a good way. When Blade's dad's addiction screws up the biggest day of Blade's life, he makes a decision to cut loose from the family and the fame, and looks to a future with his girl, Chapel. Will Blade break free of the notoriety of being a Morrison? Will Chapel get free of her family? And is there any hope that Blade's dad will break free from his addiction? Family, secrets, fame, and music drive Blade to places he never imagined, including a little village in Ghana.


Main take away, Kwame interview.


He Said She Said

Kwame Alexander's HE SAID SHE SAID portrays a version of today's teen life saturated with social media, hormones, and status. Star quarterback Omar scores as much on the field as off, but he gets nowhere with Claudia, the school's valedictorian and resident goody two-shoes. Omar sets out to make her his latest conquest, but instead learns to care about Claudia, her latest crusade, and becoming a true friend.


Flying Lessons & Other Stories

In FLYING LESSONS AND OTHER STORIES, 10 celebrated authors create short stories for kids in a variety of genres and reflecting a variety of perspectives. Some stories focus on sports or family; others weave magical folktales; some have heartache and triumph. Each story features characters of different ethnicities, genders, orientation, family makeup, and more, but those differences are not what's highlighted. Kids' common dreams, pain, family struggles, and excitements are conveyed in each story, giving every reader -- whether the character looks like the reader or not -- something to identify with, learn about, and explore.

Kwame Alexander Author Event!

Nov. 9th, 2017

Instead of focusing on one book,  multiple books were ordered to offer choice!! 

The CrossoverBookedThe PlaybookSolo and Flying Lessons.  (Audio available on Overdrive). Books are HERE! 

The author event "Kickoff" happened at the dance with short clips of Kwame reciting poetry from the books... projected large in the gym, in between songs and a table with books and burritos.