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“I am a thinker.”

Inquiry provides a framework for learning.

An independent learner asks questions and accesses, evaluates, and uses information effectively to develop new understandings.


Research Tools

Information literacy product, created to help young researchers find, evaluate, and use information more effectively. Nine multi-media based learning modules and seven interactive tools.

Online Research Management platform: citation, annotation, source archiving, note-taking, outlining



Citation Tools

24-hour access to the OWL enables anyone, from anywhere, at any time to find answers to questions about writing, improve specific writing skills, or discover teaching materials for helping students learn about writing. 

his site, created by Brad Philpot and John Royce, provides coordinators, supervisors, teachers and students access to student samples, writing tips, guidance and discussion groups. This site is not endorsed by the IB.

This guide contains examples of common citation formats in MLA (Modern Language Association) Style

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